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Do You Know A Girl Like That?

Do You Know A Girl Like That The title of this article is derived from a movie that I finished watching for the second time. The title of that movie is “A Girl Like That,” which, you can seek out and watch on Netflix. Having watched the movie twice now, truly had me…

Preparing for Christmas

Preparing for Christmas It’s the most wonderful time of the year……. We’ve all heard that amazing song and for many of us it truly warms the heart! We as Christians know what Christmas stands for. It is to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ….

Reaching The Digital World

Reaching The Digital World for Jesus Reaching the digital world for Jesus requires that we think outside of the box. For quite some time now, many churches who have had on online presence have been providing the same information. You can almost count on seeing the…

What do You See

What do You See? Do you see a white man and a black man?  I utilized this scenario intentionally.  With the ever rising tensions that seem to be taking place across our country, I felt it was time to take this issue head on by the horns.  This is not a black man and…

Patiently Waiting on God

Waiting To Hear from God There are always times in our lives when we are waiting to hear from God.  Whether it be for healing, prayer for a new job, stressful times in our lives and many other areas.  However, while we all are guilty of wanting to put God on a…

When Tragedy Strikes

Why Has This Happened? As many of you know, this past Friday both our pastor and his wife were involved in a motorcycle accident that was very tragic and for a brief moment turned and put many peoples lives on hold. As many of you know, tragedy can strike when you are…


We Are His People – Audio Only

We Are His People – Audio Only Enjoy the most recent audio sermon from Crow Mountain Baptist Church. Over the next several weeks, we will be evaluating which of our streams effectively reach the most people. Until we are able to automate some of these processes, or…

When My People

When My People What will it take for a great change to take place in America? It will happen whey my people pray! That’s the title of this amazing audio sermon. When my people! Experience the very best from Crow Mountain Baptist Church. Make sure and download the…

Before The Fishes And Loaves

Learn What It Was Like Before The Fishes and Loaves What is the true meaning of selfless giving? It is addressed in this audio sermon titled “Before The Fishes and Loaves.” This has to be one of the most thought provoking messages on what it means to truly give of…

A Faithful Father

A Faithful Father It truly does take a special breed to be a faithful father. Listen in to this podcast from Father’s Day at Crow Mountain Baptist Church. This will become one sermon you will want to come back to and play over and over again. Make it a part of your…

Anchors During Adversity

Anchors During Adversity Life can be challenging for everyone, regardless of your walk with Jesus. Usually, it is when something of significance is going on in our lives. Let’s examine and listen in as our pastor talks about having anchors during adversity in our…

Help, We’re Surrounded

Help, We’re Surrounded Help, we’re surrounded! The enemy is all around us…. How many movies have you heard this statement in? It’s no different in the life of a Christian. The enemy is everywhere! But wait, there is a way to defeat the enemy and to be able to stand…

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